Intuit (TurboTax) Should Stop Trying To Be Cute

Published: Feb 20, 2022

Just finished my taxes, and of course I used TurboTax. I hate Intuit with a passion, but unfortunately, there is a rare foreign tax thing I need to do that other software just doesn’t handle well.

It’s not the taxes I hate so much, as much as I can’t fucking stand Intuit pretending to be cute. Taking awhile to load? After loading for a few moments, it will say:

OK, we know it’s taking a little more than a moment…

Oh, and when it’s time for me to click a button to agree to some legal disclosure, it will say something cute like:

Sorry, our lawyers made us do this!

Really? You are pretending Jenny from legal asked you to put in a disclosure in there, and you wish you didn’t have to, cuz you’re too busy trying to help the little guy with his/her taxes?

No Intuit, you are not cute. Stop pretending to be my friend, holding my hand so I don’t have to be afraid of taxes. You are not a team of millenial skinny-jean wearing hipsters who just want to solve a real-world problem. You are the problem. You lobbied $2M in 2016 for a bill that would prevent the government from offering its own free alternative to taxpayers. In 2019, we discovered the lobbying effort was even broader than originally thought, and that you have spent two decades preventing the government from simplifying the tax preparation process. You’ve been profiting off of our misery for decades and think you can still pretend to be cute?

Fuck you Intuit.

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